Monday, March 28, 2011

Wedding Cake Wine

Cameron Hughes Wine has a delicious wine to serve with your wedding cake.  Our latest dessert wine is 2008 Antolino Brongo Cryomalus Ice Cider.
Appellation: Saint-Joseph-du-Lac, in the region of the Basses-Laurentides, Quebec, Canada
Apple Varietal: 57% Macintosh, 18% Empire, 18% Lobo, 9% Spartan
Alcohol by volume: 10%

With a rich gold color lightly red, has notes of hazelnuts and apricot at the nose. In the mouth, apple and apricot notes mixed with a long and persistent flavor of honey and citrus.  Cryomalus means frozen.  The apples are frozen and then pressed just like Ice Wine.  This would be an outstanding treat with the wedding cake and used for a toast as well.  So delicious - a refreshing blast to re-awaken your palate and get ready for dancing the night away.

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