Friday, May 20, 2011

Vera Wang at the Bridal Galleria in SF

Go see the gorgeous Vera Wang gowns at Bridal Galleria from May 19 thru Sunday May 22.  Book an appointment if wish to try on any of these beautiful designs at At the time you are carefully choosing your gown is also the time to look at caterers.  Let me help you with your wine pairing.  It's never to soon to complete the numerous details of planning a wedding.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Spa Wine Sampler

Do you really want to go out, get drunk and make a fool out of yourself at your Bachelorette Party, right before your wedding?  Who needs a hangover after you have worked so hard to make yourself look great for your wedding day?  The new Bachelorette Party is now a Spa Day for the girls.  Pampering is just what you need right now.  Let me put together our best White Wine Sampler  for you to take for your Spa Day with your entourage.  Relax, enjoy, be pampered.  Call me for 20% off and free shipping.
Best wishes, Jan Manni, Certified Sommelier, 415-625-0280