Thursday, April 7, 2011

How much wine do I need for my wedding?

I'm on a budget.  So how much wine do I need for my wedding?  That is the first question anyone asks me.  Here is a rule of thumb I use - for the four or so hours your guests will be at your reception, a wine drinking guest will have 3 glasses.  Some will have 2 and some will have 4 glasses.  One bottle of wine holds 4 glasses.  For 100 guests, order 5 cases of wine and for 200 guests order 10 cases of wine.  Order 1-2 cases more just in case.  Any left over bottles are great gifts for those that have helped you with all the planning.  Also save some for your 1-yr anniversary.  40% of the wine should be white and 60% should be red.  The easiest thing to have on each table is one bottle of Chardonnay (white wine) and one bottle of Cabernet (red wine).  Then your guests can help themselves.  For a bit more interest, ask a wine consultant to help you pair wines with your food menu.

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